Monday, July 30, 2007

Jubeela photos

I was backing up and cleaning my systems the other day and I found a few photos I had prepared for Aniboom last winter. I don't think they ever posted them, so here they are:

Sunday, July 22, 2007

AnimWatch and Demo Reel

I'm working on my demo reel. I didn't have any lip sync on it and wanted to add some. Serendipitously I fell upon which has a animation contest that requires lip sync. Here is the QuickTime movie (starring Raccoon and Moose, of course ;o) but check it out -- they're not smoking !!!!)

You can see the other entries here.

For the demo reel, this only half cuts it for me ... it would be better to have an example of secondary shape animation for lip sync and so that is what I am working on now. I'm not totally convinced that I'll be able to achieve this with the current raccoon and moose geometry .. I'm working on it. Also, in animating this clip I had a lot of difficulty with rotations on the arm bones -- I don't remember having the problems when I was making the film (I was using XSI 4.2 and now I'm using XSI 6.01) -- I don't know if it's a bug in the software or if a setting has changed somewhere, but I'm going to have to figure out what is going on, 'cause it's really frustrating.