Saturday, September 22, 2007

QuickTime Download - Prepare for Internet "Fast Start"

This is the second (if not third) time I've had trouble with getting QuickTime movies to "fast start" on download (and it pains me to say because I love QuickTime ;o) -- but I need to post something here, so I'll remember next time what I need to do to get it to work! Even though I save the movies in QuickTime pro, with the Fast Start flag toggled on, when I test downloading them, the Fast Start feature does not kick in; meaning that visitors get the big blue Q while waiting for the download, and unless they notice the "transferring" message in the status bar, they may think the download is not working.

I finally got it to work and am close to knowing why this is happening -- normally I compress the video and then use QuickTime Pro to enter the Movie info (copyright, description, keywords, etc) and use "save" -- it is possible that this is removing the Fast Start. The other possibility is that I really need to use "Fast Start - Compressed Header" via Compressor. The version that is working for me now, was created in Compressor with "Fast Start - Compressed Header" and I did not open it to re-save it in QuickTimePro with the additional Movie Info. I need to figure out how to add that via Compressor.

On to the DVD.

Strange New Preview Teaser for My Smoking Moose Film

At the time I thought of it, it seemed like a good idea. Now when I look at the final result I find it a bit odd for a teaser for the film. I used XSI's Shape Manager for the pizza dough and for the first time it worked without errors. Another first was that I took advantage of Animation Layers in XSI 6.02 - this too worked -- I had one case of a crash, but once I knew what was causing it, I could work around it, and I can say that Animation Layers saved me a bunch of time ;o)

Anyway, here is the new teaser.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

This just in -- "Hysterical!!!"

I received an email from Jonny Lewis early this morning telling me he was at the screening in L.A. last night and that he thought my smoking moose film was "hysterical!!!" (3 exclamation marks according to Jonny). It was really nice of him to write and it makes me quite happy that someone who doesn't know me found it funny.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Tonight's the night!

I haven't been getting too excited about it, but tonight is the night my smoking moose film will make it's big premiere at the L.A. Shorts Festival. If you're in L.A. skip on over to the AMC Burbank theatre tonight at 9 pm to see it. AND if you do, please post some feedback.

Thanks to Floyd Bishop for giving it a shout out on