Thursday, August 02, 2007

Ottawa Festival says no, LA Shorts Festival says YES!

I found out a few days ago that the Ottawa Animation Festival had not selected my smoking moose film. They received more than 2,000 entries and select only 130 or so. I was a little disappointed for a few moments, but then remembered good things have come to my films through the Ottawa Festival despite not having been selected, so I will remain positive!

And on a positive note, the LA Shorts Festival has selected my smoking moose film for a special showcase screening. I'll post the time and date of the screening when I know it ;o)


rick said...

congrats on l.a., teresa!

ottawa's loss as far as i'm concerned.

Teresa said...

Thanks Rick!

I'm still waiting for feedback from other festivals. I submitted to Film Pop here in Montreal, and I'm hoping they show it, so you can see it ;o) And don't worry, if they don't select it, I will have a screening for you sometime this fall.