Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Montreal Girl Geeks: Anna Goodson / Entrepreneurial Freedom

A fun and informative session was presented tonight at Montreal Girl Geeks by Anna Goodson, the well-known artist rep. Tips and thoughts conveyed:

> Believe in yourself and your idea (no one else will)
> Be creative
> Hard to put a price on freedom
> You can do what you want
> Sometimes naive is good: when you don't know that you can't do something, you try
> Challenge yourself and takes risks
> Network Network Network : It's not how much you know but who you know
> Learn to get by with little money
> Have a vision (define it) - if you know what you want you can figure out how to get there
> Respect (and be nice to) the gatekeepers (receptionists)
> Negotiation: be confident in what you are selling, if you believe it is valuable asking for its value will be respected - people expect to pay for what a product is worth (don't undercut yourself) - don't be cocky, be confident

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