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Blues Songs to Learn

JVoice Facebook Group posted this list of Blues Songs to learn. I'm re-posting it here so that I can find it.

Singers, Teachers: The Blues Tunes List You Need
Jazz/ Blues- Most common to less common
Here is a list of jazz blues tunes you're almost certain to hear or play at jam sessions. Most of them are pretty simple. The common blues tunes below are "easy to call" at jams because musicians tend to know them well. memorize 10 of 'em ASAP!

All Blues, - G - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar (6/8 meter)
Bessie's Blues - Eb - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar (V-IV)
Billies Bounce - F - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar
Blue Monk - Bb - Med. Swing, 12-bar (V-IV)
Blue Trane - Eb - Med. Swing, 12-bar (V-IV)
Blues for Alice - F - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar "Bird" Blues
C Jam Blues - C, F, Bb - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar (V-IV)
Footprints - Cm - Med. Swing (or straight), Minor Blues (in 6/4)
Freddie The Freeloader - Bb - Med. Swing, 12-bar (V-IV)
Mr. P.C. - Cm - Fast Swing, 12-bar Minor Blues
Now's The Time - F - Med. Swing, 12-bar
Sandu - Eb- Med. Swing, 12-bar
Sonnymoon For Two - Bb - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar
Straight, No Chaser - F - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar
Tenor Madness - Bb - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar
The Blues Walk - Bb - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar
Things Ain't What They Used To Be
- C, Db, F, Bb, ... - Med. Swing, 12-bar
Turnaround - C - Med. Swing, 12-bar
Watermelon Man - F - Med. Funk Bugaloo, 16-bar Blues

Somewhat Common Blues Tunes
These jazz blues tunes show up at jam sessions from time to time. They're worth learning because they're great melodies, and besides, they're great to know just in case you're looking to mix up the repertoire a little bit.
[Format is : Title - Key - Style, form notes]
Alright, Okay, You Win - Eb, Bb,... - Med. Swing, Blues with Bridge
Au Privave - F - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar jazz blues
Bag's Groove - F - Med. Swing, 12-bar (V-IV)
Blues By Five - Bb - Med.-Fast Swing, 12-bar (V-IV)
Bluesette - Bb, G - Med.Swing, "Bird" blues (variation in 3/4)
Cheryl - C - Med.-Fast Swing, 12-bar
Chi-Chi - Ab - Med/Fast Swing, "Bird" Blues
Isotope - C - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar
One For Daddy-O - Bbm - Med. Swing, Minor Blues
Scotch & Water -Bb -Med/Fast Swing, Blues with Bridge
Stolen Moments - Cm - Med. Swing, Minor Blues
Unit Seven - C -Med/Fast Swing, Blues with Bridge
Walkin' - F - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar
When Will The Blues Leave? - F - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar

Less Common Blues Tunes
These are tunes are some of my favorite blues to play that are seldom called at jam sessions. They have slightly more elaborate forms or melodies, and therefore are played less often... But they're great tunes!
[Format is : Title - Key - Style, form notes]
A Simple Matter of Conviction - Dm - Swing, Minor Blues (3/4 meter)
All Members - F - Fast Swing, 12-bar
Barbados - F - Med/Fast "Rhumba"/Swing, 12-bar
Blues Connotation - Bb - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar
Boogie Stop Shuffle - Bbm - Fast Swing, 12-bar (V-IV)
Butch and Butch - G - Med/Fast Swing, "Bird" Blues (variation)
Eighty-One - F - Med. Straight 8th's, 12-bar (V-IV)
Homestretch - Bb - Fast Swing, 12-bar (V-IV)
Royal Garden Blues - Bb - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar (V-IV)
Society Red - F - Med/Slow Swing, 12-bar
Soul Surge - F - Med. Swing, 12-bar (V-IV in 7/4 meter)
Swinging Shepherd Blues - C - Med. Swing, 12-bar
The Sidewinder - Eb - Med. Funk/Bugaloo, 24-bar (V-IV)
Third Floor Richard - F - Med. Swing, 12-bar (V-IV)
Twelve More Bars To Go - Bb - Med. Swing, 12-bar (V-IV + variation)

Two Bass Hit - Db - Fast Swing, 12-bar (for solos)

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