Monday, October 13, 2003

Discovered that you can export to a QuickTime Movie from the Flipbook, so this makes it a bit easier to get from XSI into Premiere... I'm still looking for a quick and easy way to render ... for now I've cut the resolution in half (320 x 243) and have reduced the anti-aliasing to 0, turned off shadows. It still takes a bit of time to render out.

I've made good progress today, I've almost finished with the primary animation of the moose. I'd forgotten to model the tongue, so I went back and did that and added the phone while I was at it ... because the moose has to pick up the phone ! Its a cheap-o phone and took less than 10 minutes to model. Of course the moose doesn't have any ears to listen to the phone but I'm skipping that, its not like its a photo-realistic film or anything.

I had to fudge around with the constraints of the eye rigs to the head, 'cause by the time the moose died the eyes were no longer on the surface of the head .. fixed by messing around with the offsets in both tangency and normal pages of the object to cluster constraint property pages.

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