Sunday, November 16, 2003

The canary has jumped out of his cage, walked over to the cigarettes on the floor and picked one up. Now he's got to light it and I've decided to have him light it off a stray flame from the newspaper. I've been working on smoke and fire in a separate scene and have got it figured out. But now I realize that I just can't import the model of particles, because there are key frames on the smoke and flames and I'll have to move them all ... there there's probably a tool to automatically offset all my keys and but it'll take me a day to figure out how to use it ... so it'll be easier just to recreate the smoke and flames after noting the values ... I hope ...

I've also been trying to make a small QuickTime file of the animation so far (a few friends have asked to see it), but I'm having trouble compressing it down to a decent file size. I'll keep trying. Hopefully you'll see something soon.

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