Thursday, November 20, 2003

I've uploaded the rough render of the first scene (remember not all elements are there yet, I've only modelled and animated the moose and the canary so far). watch scene1 rough (1.5 MB MP4)

I have the second scene rendered too, but I'm not happy with the timing, so I'll be tweaking it before uploading it. Its kind of a drag, I should have noticed the problems with the timing before, but I was concentrating on the fire on the sofa (particles) that wasn't rendering ... it was because the color animation type was still set at birth rather than at age%... now I've got the fire but the timing is wrong.

I've modelled the tiger and am quite happy with him so I'm going on to IKing, this time trying the pre-packaged bi-ped rigs, although its going to take some adjusting, since he really doesn't resemble a human.

Due to popular demand, I've changed the mouse pad available in the online store to a moosepad ... I'll be adding a 2004 Calendar of my most popular comics in the store soon... get it for your favorite computer geek.

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