Monday, October 24, 2005

Create a Skeleton Rig from the Biped Guide

Using a guide to create a rig speeds up the process of building skeletons.

1. Start by loading the model you want to rig.

2. Get the Biped Guide (Animate > Create > Character> Biped Guide).

3. Translate the cubes to best fit the skeleton into the model.

4. Duplicate the spine cube (at least 3 or more times) to create a tail. (Or create the tail or other additional bones after you've generated the rig from the guide).

5. Select the guide and generate the rig from the guide (Animate > Create > Character > Rig from Biped Guide. Choose Quaternion for the spine, but skeleton for the neck. I find that non-symmetrical manipulation of arms works better (i.e. both arms have positive scaling).

6. Add bones as necessary. I use 3 bone arms (the extra bone works as the elbow). I also use an upper jaw bone, that makes enveloping the head a bit easy and is a good holder (parent) for the eye and eyebrow nulls.

There are a few things to avoid when transforming the guide:
  • Don't move the ribcage start cube in front of the rib cage end cube;
  • Don't delete bones in the guide, wait until after you've created the rig and then delete them in rig;

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