Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Preparing the rig and the character's geometry for skinning/enveloping

- create a shelf of tools or a synoptic view to make it easy to select the rig objects;
- test the skeleton/rig and its hierarchy to make sure it moves the way you need it to;
- make sure all bone joints are slightly bent (to ensure the preferred angles are created correctly);
- make sure the shoulder bones extend slightly past the shoulder (to avoid enveloping problems in the armpits);
- make a group of all the deformers (it will be easier to pick in one shot rather than trying to pick each deformer);
- select the skeleton hierarchy in branch mode and set neutral pose (this will zero out the SRT values and make it easier to manipulate);
- open up the kinematics ppg for each bone and make sure the order of rotation is set correctly;
- add transform setups to the objects so they'll switch automatically to the correct transform tool on selection (remember to switch to additive mode for rotations);
- store a skeleton pose of the rig in its default pose (make a reset pose button on the toolbar/synoptic view)
- make sure that the geometry has enough points where the joints will bend;
- freeze the modeling of the geometry;

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