Saturday, October 08, 2005

re-applying fcurve action tip

I had stored the tiger's animation for the first sequence into an action. I needed to tweak it a bit (see that the tiger's right foot is going through the floor), so I reapplied it using Actions > Apply > Action. But doing so, overwrote the following animation (sequence 2 and 3).

Today I was happy to discover that Actions > Apply > Paste Action ... allows me to paste the action from sequence 1 back onto the tiger and the animation from sequence 2 and 3 remain in tact (setting the target to the same model as the source).

The only caveat will be to be careful when storing the tweaked animation for sequence 1, not to remove the animation via the store command, since doing so will remove all the animation (not just between the start and end frames of the store action command).

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